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No Hidden Fees. No Hidden Commissions.

Most people agree that they would like to reduce the cost of their insurance… So do we!

Currently in New Zealand, Insurance Brokers have no obligation to declare any of the fees or commissions charged to their clients.  So why is this important to you?   Well, commission is earned as a percentage of the premium you pay,  i.e. higher premiums = more commission and importantly, lower premiums = lower commissions.  There is a clear conflict of interest here!

At Donaldson Brown Insurance Brokers, we don’t want to be incentivised by you paying more, we much prefer getting paid for giving you outstanding advice and service, negotiating the best price and delivering excellent claims outcomes.

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A little bit about us

Simply put, insurance is a set of promises on paper. But you want more. You want promises that work on time, as expected, and without surprises. That’s where we come in. We create and deliver custom built insurance solutions based on your actual needs.


How we do business

There is currently no requirement in New Zealand for insurance brokers to disclose commissions and fees charged to their clients. How do you know if you are getting value for money for the services you receive? We felt a change was needed.