Insurance with nothing to hide

Currently there are no requirements for insurance brokers to declare fees or commissions charged to their clients and that often leads to a conflict of interest between what is best for a client and what is best for brokers. Commission is typically charged as a percentage of premiums paid.

We are disrupting that old and inefficient model of brokers because we don’t want to be incentivised by our clients paying more premiums.

By being transparent we are forced to focus on the delivery of real and measurable value rather than selling you more insurance.


Our 5 Point Promise

  • Provide a broker who earns your trust, understands your business, and is proactive at all times
  • Give you a process that is as simple as possible
  • Allow you to make “eyes open decisions” about your programme upfront, so that you have no surprises at claim time
  • Deliver you the confidence that what you buy will work as you expect
  • Negotiate the best price for the right coverage, and provide service that works with your cash flow

Managing Insurance Costs

Donaldson Brown work on a Total Cost of Insurance Methodology (TCOI). The benefit to you is that we not only focus on premium cost (which is important) but we also seek to mitigate cost in other areas of the insurance process.


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