Need to make a claim?

If you would like to make a claim, please complete the online forms below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us first, please call 09 215 3371 and press option 1 for claims or email and one of our team will help you.


Motor vehicle Glass Claims

If your vehicle windscreen glass or window glass gets chipped or broken, simply click this link to book directly with Smith and Smith Glass.
No claim forms are needed, you only need your policy number. This service is for light and medium sized vehicles only.  

Booking Form

Racheal Greer

Head of risks and claims

021 809 523

09 394 1986

Mathew Scott

Claims Associate

021 569 334

09 600 5594

Kyle McKean

Claims Adviser Team Leader

021 578 361

09 220 4530

Mobeen Rostamy

Claims Adviser

09 308 0114

021 736 542

Stacey-Joy Burnett


09 359 8451

Ashley Sharpe

Claims Associate

09 3777 7205

Got an urgent situation? 

I have a significant fire, flood or other serious damage and need help.

First, make sure that everyone is safe and out of danger - call the fire service, the police or other emergency services departments as required.
Please contact your risk adviser or Racheal Greer directly on 021 809 523 for urgent advice and next steps.
Donaldson Brown has a facility that provides an emergency claims service after office hours, on weekends and public holidays, throughout New Zealand utilising McLarens New Zealand – expert loss adjusters.
Please call: 0800 524 765
You will talk to an experienced NZ operator who will provide a first response service, whether it be a local service provider or McLarens’s assessor to arrange assistance, temporary repairs, alternative accommodation or provide advice.
Please take photos and contact us as soon as you are able, and we will guide you on the next steps.

I’ve been in a motor vehicle accident – what should I do?

First, make sure that everyone is safe and out of danger - call an ambulance, the police or other emergency services departments as required.

  • If your vehicle can’t be driven, please arrange to have your damaged vehicle towed to a tow yard or repairer of your choice.
  • You can use our free service through Crash Management by calling them on 0800 227 274. (This service is for accident damage to  small-medium sized vehicles)
  • If your vehicle is driveable, please take photos of the accident scene, third party registration number and collect contact information of people involved in the accident.
  • On receipt of your completed claim form, we will arrange a claim to be lodged with your Insurer and will revert with a claim reference/number.
  • Your Insurer will arrange desktop assessment with the repairer.
  • Once the claim has been approved, your repairer will contact you and provide a repair timeframe.


Don’t accept blame - And if your claim involves damage to someone else’s property, or injury to someone else, don’t admit you’re at fault. Simply say you need to speak to your Broker.
To make a claim, please click here:    Motor Claim Form

What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?

If your vehicle has been stolen, it must be reported to the Police.

  • Head to or you can also call them on 105 or visit your local Police station. They'll want to know the make, model, registration number, where and when you last saw it, and whether it was locked or alarmed. They'll give you a file number to use in your claim.
  • We will be in touch with you to explain the next steps.

To make a claim, please click here:  Stolen Vehicle Claim Form
Please note Insurers allow a stand down period of 7 days to give the Police the opportunity to locate and recover the vehicle.

I have a flood or burst pipe – what do I do?
  • Please take reasonable steps to mitigate further damage. For example, turn off the water at the mains or contact a qualified plumber to fix the leak.
  • Please take photos and keep any invoices or receipts for cost incurred.
  • Contact a flood restoration specialist to remove the water and ensure everything is dried out as quickly as possible.
    Chemdry and JAE operate nationwide, however any reputable company can be engaged.
  • Please notify us as soon as possible so we can update you on the next steps.

To make claim, please click here:    Property Claim Form

Is the leaking pipe itself covered?
Often the cost to locate and fix a leak is not covered as the cause is usually wear and tear however, we can discuss this with you in more detail once the leak is fixed. In most cases this cost is a small part of the total repair costs.
It is important to act quickly to mitigate any water damage claims as long-term damage and mould can be excluded.

I have been broken into or I have a broken window, what should I do?
  • Please take reasonable steps to secure the property and prevent further damage. For example, contact a 24 hour glass repairer and request they board up the broken window or door, or contact a builder or locksmith to secure.
  • If entry to the property can’t be prevented, you can organise a static guard with most policies covering these costs.
  • You can authorise the replacement of a broken window without notifying us first.
  • Please take photos and keep any invoices for cost incurred.
  • Please notify us as soon as possible.

To make claim, please click here:    Property Claim Form

I have damaged someone elses property?

If you cause damage to someone else’s property, you may be liable to another party for legal fees, repair costs and loss of income and these costs can add up quickly.
Please do not admit fault or offer to pay anything and contact us as soon as you become aware that there may be a claim so we can guide you on the next steps.

To make a claim, please click here:    General Liability Claim Form

My car has broken down, what do I do?

Unfortunately, most of our policies do not include roadside assistance cover unless you have purchased this as an additional extension, and so any tow costs for mechanical failure are possibly at your cost. 

We recommend NZRA (Roadside Assistance Ltd) as our preferred supplier. 

Please call 0800 576 555

Once you and your vehicle are safe, please email us with a copy of any towing costs you incur to and we can let you know whether you have cover.


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